The RIBA Outline Plan of Work organises the process of managing and designing building projects and administering building contracts into a number of key Work Stages. The sequence or content may overlap to suit the procurement method and project scale. At each stage of work the Design, Programme and Budget are reviewed.

New Build

A bespoke design, in response to the Clients needs, the site, setting, environment and feasibility studies.


Rationalising an existing layout and form, spaces may be created through careful alteration and extension.

Conversions, Refurbishment

Rationalising an existing layout and form, spaces may be created through careful consideration.

Common client questions:

•  Programme – how long will the design process take?
•  What are the dates for design work, approvals, construction?
•  When will I incur charges?
•  Budget – what is a realistic construction cost?
•  What are the Architects fees?
•  Other design consultants?
•  Design Architects Service – what is included?
•  What is excluded?
•  Do I need planning permission?
•  Do I need building warrant?

Ideas Service

I offer an ideas service and initial consultation, without obligation.

This initial meeting allows
•  Ideas to be reviewed
•  Professional, non bias advice

The Clients Brief: summary of requirements may then be produced, allowing a clear indication of Architectural services, fees and the stages of work.


Each design is bespoke.

In developing a design concept I help the client visualize their architectural aspirations: in response to setting, local and internal environment, the user’s character and personality.

Each project is a balance of Design, Programme and Budget, with each in close interaction with one another.

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